Our Process

  • 1.

    Wood Fences

    All of our fences are built on-site; to insure consistent quality, we never use panels. All of our lumber is #2 prime, ACQ pressure treated southern yellow pine. We use 4x4 posts all set in a minimum of 40 pounds of concrete, minimum of 18 inch embedment. Our double gates are hung from 6x6 posts set in a minimum of 80 pounds of concrete with a minimum embedment of 24 inches. We use 2x4x8 stringers connecting the posts with each 1x6x6 or 1x4x6 fence board attached individually and available in two (2) different finishes; the economy roughhewn board or the high end smooth finished board.
  • 2.

    Vinyl Fences

    Don't like or want to paint? Then consider the latest in vinyl fencing available from City Wide Fence and Decks. We are proud to offer and install Vinyl Guard brand fencing. Available in almost as many styles as our quality wood fences, it affords the customer a no maintenance, white color fence.

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    Wood and Composite Decks

    Think all decks are created equal? Just compare the quality construction of our custom decks. We use only the highest quality wood available in a #2 prime ACQ treated